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    裸婚(down-to-earth marriage )是一种新的结婚方式,指的是一对恋人没有房子、没有车、不办婚礼、不度蜜月甚至没有婚戒,只领取结婚证(marriage certificate)的结婚方式。这种形式的结婚最低成本只有9元钱。现代年轻人的生活压力较大,而且强调爱情的独立,必须有房再结婚或者大肆操办婚事的传统在年轻一代中被削弱。许多人都相信裸婚是两个人纯粹爱情的见证。

  • 参考答案:

      As a new way of getting married, down-to-earth marriage means that a couple marries each other by only applying for a marriage certificate without an apartment, a car, a wedding ceremony, a honeymoon, or even a wedding ring. This form of marriage can cost as little as only nine yuan. As young people in modern times live under great pressure and place emphasis on the independence of love, the tradition that “an apartment is a must for marriage” and “wedding ceremony should be held on a grand scale” has weakened among the young generation. Many people believe that a down-to-earth marriage is a testament to the pure love between the couple.

  • 解题思路:1.裸婚:裸婚是一个新出现的词汇,本没有对应的固定说法,但并不适宜按照字面意思直译naked wedding,因为这样很容易使人联想到“裸体婚礼”。down-to-earth意为“现实的、直接的、朴素的”,更符合“裸婚”的内涵。
    3.最低成本只有:可直译为the lowest cost of…is only...,也可译为cost as little as...,后者更能突出“花得少”这一涵义。
    4.必须有:可以理解为“是…的必备条件”,即sth. is a must for...
    5.大肆操办:可译为be held on a grand scale。
    6.见证:这里译为is a testament to, “见证”这个词的其他译法包括 evidence、proof 或者witness。