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    The cohesiveness(内聚力 ) of a family seems to rely on members sharing certain routine practices and events. For a growing share of the American labor force, however, working shifts beyond the normal daylight hours--what we here call "shift work"--makes the lives of families difficult.

  Existing research shows that both male and female shift workers express high levels of stress and a sense of conflict between the demands of work and family life. But shift work couples still maintain a traditional attitude to the meaning of marriage and the individual roles of husband and wife. They expressed a willingness to do "whatever it takes" to approximate their view of a proper marriage, including sacrificing sleep and doing conventional things at unconventional hours. For the majority of couples interviewed, even when wives worked outside their 极速快三官网s, a proper marriage is characterized by a very clear division of roles: husbands are "providers" whose major responsibility is to sup- port the family; wives arc "极速快三官网makers" who clean, cook, and care for husbands and children.

  The women's definitions of a "good husband" are typified by the following wife's response:

  I expect him to be a good provider, and be there when I need him, loyal about the same things as he would expect out of me, expect that I expect him to dominate over me. But in a manner of speaking, when it's time to be a man I expect him to stand up instead of sitting back expecting me to do everything. To husbands, a good wife is someone who is:

  Understanding of what I feel go through at work. I need that respect at work, I hope I get it at work. I want my wife to realize what I expect at work. I don't want her to give me a lot of shit when I come 极速快三官网 from work because I don' t know if this makes much sense.

  These views seemed critical to maintain the families of the shift workers.

1.[单选题]In order to continue the marriages of the shift workers,
  • A.wives must learn to care for the children when their husbands are absent
  • B. shift work couples must administer their time and activities
  • C.wives mustn' t adapt their own feelings of boredom to their husbands'
  • D. all of these work
  • 解题思路:联系全文,知A、B、c三项均正确。
2.[单选题]Despite   , shift work couples still hoped to maintain a stable life.
  • A. traditional beliefs about marriage
  • B.lack of control over time
  • C.a very clear division of roles
  • D.the demands of work
  • 解题思路:“shiftwork”意为“working shifts beyond the normal daylight hours”。而A、C选项中“traditional beliefs about marriage”,“a very clear division of roles”均为“a stable life”的一部分,不符合题意。
3.[单选题]What is implied by the author?
  • A. Shift work had a direct effect on the attitudes and behavior of family members.
  • B.Shift workers could live a normal life.
  • C. Shift work couples had unconventional ideas about marriage.
  • D.Female shift workers were satisfied with the time spent together with their families.
  • 解题思路:由文章主旨句“shiftwork makes the lives of families difficult”可知选A。
4.[单选题]From the selection, we can conclude that female shift workers were NOT satisfied with
  • A.their work
  • B. their children
  • C.their husbands' inability to protect the family and provide companionship
  • D.leisure activities
  • 解题思路:由文中“the women's definitions of a good husband”可以看出C为正确答案。
5.[单选题]The best title for this paragraph is
  • A.Constructing Family Life
  • B. Managing Time and Activities
  • C.The Meaning of Marriage
  • D. Living a Normal Life
  • 解题思路:先排除D项,因全文围绕shiftwork展开,B项则太具体,A项则涵义过广,全文切入点为marriage。
  • 参考答案:D,B,A,C,C