• 试题题型【阅读理解 Section B】
Read the texts from a magazine article in which five people talk about tipping in a restaurant. For questions 36-40, match the name of each person to one of the statements (A- G) given below.
Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

I've always viewed tipping as a way of saying "thank you" to the one who serves me. I believe what is bad is when no tip is left at all. The better the service, the higher the tip. Unless the service is literally perfect, I never tip more than 10% of the bill. Much like the harder teachers in school, I never give an easy “A.”My assessment is honest.
A tip is a "thank you," but in truth, a tip is payment for service. 20% is a standard tip. Servers deserve it for their hard work. Restaurants will never pay more for labor unless they are forced to do so by new laws. Tips make up about 97% of a server's total income. Those tips are needed for survival. So, before servers are paid a living wage, tip 20%.
Why should I pay the difference between what the restaurant is willing to pay the employee and what an acceptable wage is? I do pay 20%, but I hate it. A friend of mine left Europe for New York City, found a job in a restaurant there and ended up making $5,500 a month. Enough above mini- mum wage? How about miners, construction workers, resident doctors, etc? Do they get tipped?
18 -20% for good service is today's standard. The restaurant and its employees arc too polite to tell you this or to put it on their menus, but that is their expectation and you need to understand that. I believe it is good manners to respect this. To do otherwise is to be openly rude. If you disagree, you arc wise to cat elsewhere, as you are hurting a hardworking professional.
Tipping has gotten out of control. I always had thought it was 15%, and now suddenly servers have made it 20%. I tip 15%, and that's it. If the service is really superior, then I work higher from there. Interesting to be told ,“If you can't afford to tip 20%, then you should cat at 极速快三官网.” If all those people stayed away, the restaurant would not even be in business.

Now match the name of each person (36 - 40) to the appropriate statement.
Note: there are two extra statements.

A.It's rude not to tip.
B.I do tip, though I don't like it.
C.Tipping shouldn't be compulsory.
D.Tips are essential to servers' survival.
E.If you don't tip, you are punishing the server.
F.I think the current tipping standard is too high.
G.My tip faithfully reflects how good the service is.
1.[选词填空]Daniel ____
    • 解题思路:主旨题。丹尼尔对小费的观点“Those tips are needed for survival.”小费对他们的生活是必需的,这与D项“小费是他们 生存下去的必需品”观点相符。故选D。
    2.[选词填空]Michael ____
      • 解题思路:主旨题。迈克的观点“Tipping has gotten out of contr01.I always had thought it was l5%,and now suddenly servers have made it 20%.”现在的小费已经失控了,我之前认为是l5%,现在 突然提到了20%。这与F项“我认为现在的小费标准太高了”观 点相符。故选F。
        • 解题思路:主旨题。理查德对小费的观点“The better the service,the higher the卸…My assessment is honest.”我对服务越满意,小费 就越高,我的评价是很诚实的,这与G项“我的小费真实地反映 了服务质量”观点相符。故选G。
        4.[选词填空]Patricia ____
          • 解题思路:主旨题。帕特丽夏的观点“To do otherwise is to be openly rude.”不付小费是一种粗鲁的表现,这与A项“不付小费是粗鲁 的行为”观点一致。故选A。
          5.[选词填空]Kate ____
            • 解题思路:主旨题。凯特的观点“I do pay 20%,but I hate it.”我虽 然会给20%小费,但是我讨厌这点,这与B项“我会付小费,但我 讨厌它”观点一致。故选B。
            • 参考答案:D,F,G,A,B