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  • 试题题型【听力 Section B】
Questions 13 to 15 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  • A.They can bring only temporary pleasures.
  • B.They are meant for the extremely wealthy.
  • C.They should be done away with altogether.
  • D.They may eventually drive one to bankruptcy.
  • A.A good way to socialize is to have daily lunch with one’s colleagues.
  • B.Retirement savings should come first in one’s family budgeting.
  • C.A vacation will be affordable if one saves 20 dollars a week.
  • D.Small daily savings can make a big difference in one’s life.
  • A.They will buy something from the convenience stores.
  • B.They will take advantage of the time to rest a while.
  • C.They will have their vehicles washed or serviced.
  • D.They will pick up some souvenirs or gift items.
  • 参考答案:A,D,A
  • 解题思路:

      It’s no accident that most gas stations have convenience stores attached. Few of us can fill up the tank without buying a few snacks, cigarettes,soft drinks or other items we can live without. I deserve it. That’s what hard working men and women say to justify their lavish vacations, big stereo systems or regular restaurant meals. They do deserve such indulgences. However, they also deserve a 极速快三官网 of their own--a secure retirement and freedom from worrying about unpaid bills. No one should have to live with what a Texas mother described as constant stress,tension, even fear about money. Sadly the pleasure that comes from extravagances often disappears long before the bills do. The video camera that one single mother bought for a special occasion, for example, is not much fun now. She’s figured out that it will take her another three years to pay it off at $30 a month. And the New Yorkers who spent a bundle on an outdoor hot tub now admit they rarely use it, because we can't afford to heat it in winter. The solution set priorities add up the annual cost of each item. Then consider what else you can buy with the same money. That will help you decide which items are really worth it. One Chicago woman, for example, discovered that daily lunches with coworkers cost her $2000 a year; she decided to take lunch to work instead. “I now put $20 a week into my vacation fund and another 20 into retirement savings, she says, those mean more to me than lunch”.

      Q13. What does the speaker say about drivers who stop at gas stations?

      Q14. What does the speaker say about extravagances?

      Q15. What does a speaker want to show by the example of the Chicago woman?