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Mrs. Smith

I hate salesmen .I mean they are always pestering me to buy things I don t want .Why should I waste my time listening to their lies and looking at the junk they are trying to sell me? When I need something, I go out and buy it .Things are cheaper at the supermarket and there’s a much better selection there.

Mrs .Green

People prefer to buy from door-to -door salesmen because they are so friendly .A good salesman always brings things like candies for the children, sympathy for the tired housewife and a smile for the lonely old people .And the customers always have a chance to try things before they actually buy them . You don t get that kind of service at the supermarket.

Mrs .Wells

I just don t trust those salesmen .Once you let in a salesperson you can never get rid of him .They just keep talking and talking until you buy his goods .When you come to use the thing, you find out it’s a piece of junk .But you can’t get your money back .They use all kinds of dishonest tricks to get people to buy overpriced goods which they don t need and can’t afford.

Mr. Walber

I have met salesmen who sell only quality products .Customers test everything in their own 极速快三官网s and at their own convenience. I’ve heard a few cases of salesman harassing customers or making false claims .I suppose there are a few bad salesmen .But there are also bad doctors, bad policemen and so on .They aren’t typical of their profession.

Mr. Singer

Salesmen often came by for a coffee and a nice talk. I’m so glad they do so. I don t have many visitors and the salesmen are interesting people .They talk in vivid language, and they are usually polite people. I m a little too old to go out to the stores and buy things .I don t mind paying a little extra when they are brought to my 极速快三官网.



1. Mrs. Smith

2. Mr. Singer

3. Mrs. Wells

4. Mrs. Green

5. Mr. Walber


A. I like the salesmen very much.

B. Salesmen are all very kind.

C. I prefer a supermarket to a salesman.

D. Salesmen sometimes sell for big companies.

E. A salesman can provide better service than supermarkets.

F. Most salesmen are not trust-worthy.

G. Only a few salesmen are bad.

            • 参考答案:F,C,G,A,E